T-Shirt techniques of printing   and its advantages

T-Shirt techniques of printing   and its advantages

Did you know first T-shirts were created as undergarment? This was introduced as people experienced hindrance in putting on buttons. Thus, later many t-shirts were sold as an extension and this was received with warmth by customers. The t shirt was preferred as it transcended all intentions, notions and geographies making it a popular clothing choice.


With the increase in the demand and use of t shirts, this apparel became a part of the mainstream and with the ability of custom t shirt printing, it became more interesting. The print and color on the t-shirts offer an extension and it is come to notice that most people like wearing t shirt. Thus, it has become inevitable to introduce the designs on the t-shirts and to bring the attention to each detail such that it appears fascinating.


One such fascinating method is the screen printing. The printing method   is not new and the t-shirting printing began in 1959. This is a simple concept and each design features basic colors. These colors will be based on the design, separated in different colors proportions to appear on to the fabric. This is done using a screen like mesh. The screen printing Ottawa is popular and has main 3 advantages:


It is affordable – Considering the scale, the only cost involved is the ink. The screen mesh is particularly durable and it goes long for many sessions of printing.


It is scalable – The ease of scalability makes it really simpler to perform this technique of printing over several orders.


It is versatile – T shirts screen printing is the technique preferred on any surface that is canvas based.


Of course, there are a few shortcomings:


  • The issues are in alignment. There is an involvement of various screens in screen printing on the fabric and in different positions. The problem is when the designs are complex and with bulk orders the alignment issue has to be given extra concern.
  • The screen printing is not specific for high definition prints and the resolution is limited. Besides there may be issues relating to color accuracy. The colors are separated that mixing is restricted and this does ascertain the design color is printed accurately.


The printing technique workings directly can be printed on the garment with screen printing same as any inkjet printer. This printing technique was pushed out relating performance issues, but now the techniques efficiency has brought it back into the printing business and now it is a popular printing method.


T shirt Printing without any accuracy or design restrictions has apparent advantages such as:

Highly customizable- This printing method deals with printing basically anything in design and color without any trouble.


Full detail- Achieving design details in high levels means adhering to color resolution and accuracy. This is possible with this printing method.


Easy execution – Sticking to a fabric a piece of paper, applying heat and removing the paper requires fewer skills than printing methods.


Economical – Screen printing is cheaper and the printing technique allows accommodating t-shirts designs comfortably.

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