Uses of Promotional T-Shirts and customized shirts bringing a balance in workplace

Uses of Promotional T-Shirts and customized shirts bringing a balance in workplace


Are you a business owner, whatever, small or large or some organization leader? You may be on the lookout for ways to promote your cause or products. There are many techniques you may utilize, but mostly with promotional products the top options of marketing is based on the items that effectively and speedily spread the ideals.


Personalized T-shirts

Among promotional giveaways, there is no doubt that the clothing printing have a lot of importance and the t shirts are the most preferred items having high promotional value and they are equally practical.


The custom t-shirts ottawa are personalized t-shirts and have a sincere marketing value. Advertising for your organization or company to raise awareness means the t-shirts are the best way to promote. In general, clothing have the marketing potential and is great as they are worn by people everywhere and anywhere, exposing your brand than you can every expect.

When t-shirt is worn by your prospects, she or he will surely not forget your company. Besides when they leave the house and go out, more people will notice their shirt or t shirt and thus there will be awareness spreading about your business existence. Thus, t-shirts are ideal for advertising as they reach wide audience without much hassle and ensure efficient marketing.


Special Events

Apart from promotional printing purposes, the t-shirts have many more uses to think creatively. Personalized t shirts make ideal choices for fundraisers and corporate events. They may be as an event entry fee, merchandised during an event or even used during the events as a raffle prize.


Yet, if you wish to use your t-shirts, ascertain to personalize them such that it meets the specific purpose for the occasion and this means the attendees not only remember the event, but will also remember your company. Adding to this, if you put the details specifically, such as the date and time, you can make use of these shirts to advertise beforehand the event.


Team Spirit

Apart from selling to customers, it suits good to be given for employees as branded t-shirts. These items help in promoting the morale of the company. In fact, the companies offering their employees shirts or uniforms are made to feel a part of the team. Thus it works as an addition offering benefits of advertising through promotional t shirts.


At events that are sponsored, you may ask your employees to wear these t-shirts and there will be a unified look giving a professional look. This will gain trust and with the shirt on your employees you spread a team spirit that all the attention is to your people and everyone attending the event will not forget the t shirts that gave a balanced look.


Say with T-shirts

Many companies advertise using promotional products and various items are given, but saying it with t shirts is different and popular. The good reason is that it is useful and has many applications and uses, making it highly versatile. These t-shirts help businesses and guarantee as useful products.

Custom Screen Printing, a versatile style that is affordable

Custom Screen Printing, a versatile style that is affordable


Screen printing has now a lot of choices as it helps in promoting your team, cause or even the business. You can now make sure that anything you do can be accomplished and you can get things done the way you want within your budget. The great option is custom t shirts.


Screen Printing is not new; it has a great history proclaiming to be done within a budget, of course the fact cannot be ignored that relatively it takes short amount of time. Ottawa screen printing is in this business for a long time providing custom t-shirts for a long time and does not complete here as it deals with lots more.  The design team and in house production also delivers the best results as they take care to bring out a superb design to be printed on the t shirt such that it is impressive and people buying from your or taking from you as a free gift are amazed by the quality print work. Now, you must know the custom screen printed shirts benefits.


Design Options in tons

There are nearly endless possibilities as it comes to screen printing designing. The modern inks are versatile and so ensure high contrast, high visibility, even to glow in dark, metallic shades puffy styles and lots more. There is a need to know the options and the way to employ as preferred. The screen printing work is a team work that ensures perfection for customers. There is a need to ensure the t shirt printing machine startup kit is appropriate for the customers. If you need, you can get advice on the design options and technologies that are best as goals for business and all this will be settled in a reasonable budget.



Creating a custom printed shirt means you must consider the prints more than its looks so that you also take care about its price. There are many other options as well and people prefer screen printing owing to its ease and affordability. This can be made even more reasonable by considering the number of colors as limitation on the shirt. In case screen printing needs to be applied with each color, each shirt will undergo once the process for each color until the final product is done. It means, a design featuring three colors means each time three times the design will go through this process. Thus, adding colors makes your shit look better and even consolidating colors gives your shirt a good look and works out as cost-effective.


Quick Turn-around

Placing an order means you need to work on the design and get it readily delivered in the shortest possible time. Once approved the screen printing Ottawa is not time consuming. They communicate in each step and hand over the delivery.  Thus, with each shirt given as target advertising will never go in vain. In fact, it will act as significant boost factor promoting the business and your company message reaches far and wide. The catch is in having proper design to get the impact.

T-Shirt techniques of printing   and its advantages

T-Shirt techniques of printing   and its advantages

Did you know first T-shirts were created as undergarment? This was introduced as people experienced hindrance in putting on buttons. Thus, later many t-shirts were sold as an extension and this was received with warmth by customers. The t shirt was preferred as it transcended all intentions, notions and geographies making it a popular clothing choice.


With the increase in the demand and use of t shirts, this apparel became a part of the mainstream and with the ability of custom t shirt printing, it became more interesting. The print and color on the t-shirts offer an extension and it is come to notice that most people like wearing t shirt. Thus, it has become inevitable to introduce the designs on the t-shirts and to bring the attention to each detail such that it appears fascinating.


One such fascinating method is the screen printing. The printing method   is not new and the t-shirting printing began in 1959. This is a simple concept and each design features basic colors. These colors will be based on the design, separated in different colors proportions to appear on to the fabric. This is done using a screen like mesh. The screen printing Ottawa is popular and has main 3 advantages:


It is affordable – Considering the scale, the only cost involved is the ink. The screen mesh is particularly durable and it goes long for many sessions of printing.


It is scalable – The ease of scalability makes it really simpler to perform this technique of printing over several orders.


It is versatile – T shirts screen printing is the technique preferred on any surface that is canvas based.


Of course, there are a few shortcomings:


  • The issues are in alignment. There is an involvement of various screens in screen printing on the fabric and in different positions. The problem is when the designs are complex and with bulk orders the alignment issue has to be given extra concern.
  • The screen printing is not specific for high definition prints and the resolution is limited. Besides there may be issues relating to color accuracy. The colors are separated that mixing is restricted and this does ascertain the design color is printed accurately.


The printing technique workings directly can be printed on the garment with screen printing same as any inkjet printer. This printing technique was pushed out relating performance issues, but now the techniques efficiency has brought it back into the printing business and now it is a popular printing method.


T shirt Printing without any accuracy or design restrictions has apparent advantages such as:

Highly customizable- This printing method deals with printing basically anything in design and color without any trouble.


Full detail- Achieving design details in high levels means adhering to color resolution and accuracy. This is possible with this printing method.


Easy execution – Sticking to a fabric a piece of paper, applying heat and removing the paper requires fewer skills than printing methods.


Economical – Screen printing is cheaper and the printing technique allows accommodating t-shirts designs comfortably.

Advantages of T-Shirts that are as Part of Your Advertising

Advantages of T-Shirts that are as Part of Your Advertising


The advantages are many on using t-shirts as part of your advertising. They offer a great low cost way to advertise your company or even promote the company products or services. In fact, there is a way to control the design such that it reflects the company aspects you promote.  T-shirts offer the opportunity to prospective customers to reach groups in large and to enjoy the low cost.


There are several ways that a company can promote and when it is done with t-shirt printing, they are able to promote themselves. In fact, this is the reason more companies choose t-shirts so that the customers visit their store and are able to drive more traffic. Thus, prospective customers can be brought and people may also find that they wish to look for. This is an effective and low cost way that helps drawing more traffic to the site and store. In fact, this is the attractive point that many people visit a store or a site to grab the promotional item, but this does not end here. A large percentage of people visiting also make huge purchase.


In case, your company is having a grand celebration type or some event, t-shirts make an amazing giveaway and also can be given as some prize. Receiving gift for free is always attractive or even winning a t-shirt as a prize increases the visitors to enjoy the celebration and thus help in visibility promotion. Using t-shirts as your advertising helps in receiving more attention especially on considering clothing printing ottawa. This ensures more promotion than spending or running print ads. In case the design of the t-shirt is eye catching and attractive, people are sure to notice and also remember the company.


The higher quality materials are the customized shirts or t-shirts. These will have designs outlasting any print ad or even other advertising forms that is in use in the company. People will like the t-shirt and result in liking the company. The t-shirt will be remembered each time it is worn or even seen that seeing an ad in the paper or magazine that is soon forgotten. In fact, the t-shirts are permanent advertising campaign that brings results in the form of potential business from known sources and also from unknown sources that the wearer covers.


The more interesting part is that the t-shirt printing started 60 years ago and there are several ways that it can be done. There is no hard and fast rule to adapt to a single style. The multitude of ways will offer a chance to introduce many ways that you can print and enjoy the benefits overcoming the issues or small drawbacks. This is the reason t shirts are now seen as an integral part of advertising. This is cost- effective and also brings more people as potential customers as they are attracted by the t-shirt concept and end up purchasing more as and when they require. This happens as they are convinced and find it satisfactory.


Screen printing of t-shirts offers a professional look

Screen printing of t-shirts offers a professional look

There are options if anyone wishes to have custom printed t-shirts and this can be done in the fastest way. This is for dark and light color t-shirts and you can also get embroidery for the garments. There is a demand for traditional method or option of t- shirts screen printing. Thus, understanding the advantages may help in deciding the right method.


Bold images and colors

The crucial thing to bear in mind is about t shirts ottawa screenprinting offering the highest visibility. This is possible due to the vibrant, bright colors and the images. This method can be done using a thicker ink so that it gets absorbed into the t shirt fabric as you notice with garment printing.


The ink remains on the shirt surface and this raised ink offers a feel and texture of the print. Though it is a distinctive process, it looks good. This is an easy way of creating a crisp looking image with just two colors, graphic, image or by having t shirt printing with logo as the design.


The best part is that the ink does not get absorbed into the fabric and you can have any color design on the shirt. Choosing a color for the tee shirt or you can also consider different colors as screen printing colors in contrast so that it appears outstanding, offering a creative look.


To have multiple shirt colors or if you have plans for various options, the best possible way to have it is on considering screen printing Ottawa for t shirts. The process and design is used for all the colors, thereby making the process quicker and easier. Placing an order for more than 10 items and more in single print is done cost free.


Professional Looking

Using the process of screen printing on the tee shirts and other apparel ensures a professional design look. These look great for companies and businesses staff shirts, besides making amazing promotional items for clients and customers, alike.


They are an excellent choice for groups, sports teams and organizations. The quality shirts and the services of screen printing make a wonderful choice for larger orders in case you want a customized shirt with a traditional look.


The t shirt printing companies will use plastisol, highest quality inks as these are exceptionally versatile. They do not need adjustments and proper cure should be given for it to dry. However, the durability is assured. Using on t shirts, the plastisol inks ascertains your shirts last for many more wash and wear use. Using this means, even the customers are pleased. There are water-based inks also available.  Nevertheless, using high quality inks confirms that the screen printing is time tested and the process of drying is reliable, making your shirts meet the time testing. The t-shirts or sweatshirts, is sure to get superior attention meeting stringent quality standards. Having a better eye on competitors is best when overall quality is considered and Ottawa shirt printing offers 100 percent satisfactory end product.